In this section you will find a number of articles intended to spark reflection. These relate to pedagogy and also the political and cultural landscapes in which we teach and work with volunteers. Many of us went into teaching in order to support refugees and migrants to improve their lives. Reflecting on our teaching practice can help towards this. It can also help to reflect on the structural, political, economic and cultural barriers that our students may be facing. The prompts for reflection below all relate to this wider context for students. The attitudes and practices we bring to our work with both refugee learners and volunteers can help students to challenge or overcome these barriers. What you, as a teacher, model or say to volunteers can greatly influence the attitudes and behaviours that they display in your classroom.


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"If I do something wrong, I have confidence in the teacher to tell me how I should do things differently. That confidence and trust is important to make the corporation work."


Volunteer, Denmark


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